How I Met Jason Segel

Oh did we have an awesome day today! Awhile back Mary sent me an email about Jason Segel, or as we like to call him Marshall from How I Met Your Mother, saying that she had bought us tickets to a signing for the release of his book, Nightmares, through Anderson’s Bookshop (Click on the link for more info and events). A few years back Mary and I went to and event through Anderson’s for Chelsea Handler, back when her book Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang came out. It was so exciting to meet her, I loved her show Chelsea Lately that recently ended. It’s funny because we are pretty much complete opposites but I just find her so funny.

Anyway, back to Jason Segel, when you buy the tickets you also buy a copy of the book so we had two books to get signed. When Mary told us she had bought us tickets we immediately knew we were going to get one book signed to Zach and I, and one for his parents since they were so generous to buy us tickets to meet Marshall! (I am going to apologize for the quality of the photos now, cell phone cameras are not always the best)

Jason Segel 3

We drove to Downers Grove and easily found the Tivoli Theatre and got in the long line that was already forming to see Jason Segel. Zach and I loved How I Met Your Mother, we even started watching the entire series again from the beginning on Netflix after the show ended in March, we just missed it so much! He was so entertaining, he described himself as a big kid and he totally was. It was nice to see he was excited to be there and he was so genuine. His reactions to the audience and the questions were perfect, he shared so many stories and by the time he was done I felt like I knew him. It is always nice when you meet a celebrity to find out you like them even more after hearing them talk.

Jason Segel 4

Zach asked Jason so sign the book for us with “Beercules” as a reference to How I Met Your Mother. When I got the book signed for Zach’s parents he asked if I was Mary, so then I had to explain that it was a “gift” for my In laws, he said it was always a good idea to get some bonus points with in laws. It was fun to talk to him one on one even if it was just for a minute.

Jason Segel 5

During his talk, Jason said something that really stuck with me, I even pulled my phone out to write it down so I would remember. You’re right where you’re supposed to be at all times. Some moments are clearer than others, but you are always right where you belong. Sometimes that is definitely easier to remember than others but I am going to make an effort to keep that with me everyday.

Now were watching the Bears game hoping for a win, a win is definitely where I belong…hint hint Cutler.

In case you were wondering this is how my kitty spends her time while I am blogging. That is her spot, we are not allowed to sit there, and that is also her blanket…now.



It’s the Little Things

Have you ever noticed that the little things people do for you stick in your memory? A few weeks ago Zach walked in on me standing in my closet with a flashlight looking at my clothes because the light bulb burned out awhile ago and I kept forgetting to ask him to replace it, usually our bedroom is light enough in the morning that I don’t need a light. He took one look at me and turned around, I was in hurry trying to get ready so I didn’t think a whole lot about it. Minutes later he comes back with a fresh bulb and replaced it for me in about 30 seconds, and I hadn’t even asked. I keep finding myself thinking about that and loving him more just or doing something so small for me, it took all of a few minutes of his day but it made such an impact on me.

More and more I find myself saying it’s the little things that make you happy, whether it is having a file on the closest end of the shelf at work, hitting all green lights on a drive, your mother in law making your favorite lunch for you when she knows you are having a long day, or having the girl at the café you go into from time to time remember your order before you can even finish saying hi. Don’t get me wrong when people do big things for me I appreciate it so much, but I find myself continuing to think about the little things because most of them happen without a whole lot of thought, they just happen. Zach didn’t spend days deciding to replace my light bulb, he spent seconds, but it totally made my day.

Speaking of little things, I know it’s kinda strange to say that food makes me happy, but on Monday Zach wanted to go to the store and get some French bread for sandwiches, we were wandering around deciding what we each wanted on our sandwiches. Zach was all about the lunch meat, but since I have found that lunch meat can trigger my migraines I stay away from it. I have been a fan of grilled cheese sandwiches forever, I mean bread and cheese, it doesn’t get too much better than that. Thinking along those lines I remembered of something I saw on Pinterest awhile ago, cucumber grilled cheese sandwiches, hold on stay with me, I know it sounds weird. BEST SANDWICH EVER. For real, I took one bite and looked at Zach and said OMG this is amazing. I seem to know a lot of people who grew cucumbers in their gardens this year and oh they have been delicious, so the garden fresh cucumber may have helped this sandwich be so fantastic, but believe me I will be trying it again and again eventually I will run out of home grown cucumbers. If I had any urge to garden I would be trying my hand at cucumbers next year, however my thumb is definitely not green.

Surprise, guess what I am sharing tonight? You guessed it! My new favorite sandwich! I have already made it again since Monday, I just can’t get enough! The two types of cheese, the crunchy cucumbers the toasted bread, I am hooked.

2014-09-08 19.24.38

For my grilled cheese I used French bread, cream cheese, Havarti cheese, dill weed and cucumbers. (I also used butter for the outside of the bread but didn’t think to include it in my photo)

2014-09-08 19.47.42

I buttered the outside of both pieces of bread, spread cream cheese on the inside of the slices, sprinkled a little dill weed on the cream cheese, covered it with half a slice of cheese on each side and placed the cucumbers in-between. I put the sandwiches on my Panini press for a few minutes just to toast the bread a little.

Honestly these are more guidelines than anything, you could add about anything you might like and I bet it would be delicious. I don’t necessarily recommend trying this with American cheese, I don’t think it would have the same effect. Let me know what you guys try on your grilled cheese.

Frosting First

As you guys may have noticed I have been MIA from the blog this week, but I promise it was for a good reason. My mother in law Mary had a big event on Friday called Word of Art and asked if I would mind making some cupcakes, of course I said yes! So I spent all Wednesday night making two batches of cupcakes (from scratch) and two batches of frosting, then I spent Thursday night frosting all the cupcakes. I felt so good once I passed them off to Mary and knew they were done. I think they turned out pretty well considering it was my first attempt at cupcakes from scratch. I also took it as a good sign when she said there were no leftovers. When Mary asked if I would be willing to make cupcakes she said oh this would be great for a blog post! I absolutely agree!

Cupcakes 3

While I was making the cupcakes I realized I have another idea for a blog post, I want to try different recipes and find the perfect cupcake recipes, there are so many variations out there I want to see what works the best. The white cupcake recipe I used I actually found in the Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook, that I think everyone has, or at least someone in your family has. I thought they were light and fluffy and I learned you do not under any circumstances whip egg whites into stiff peaks by hand, mine were definitely closer to soft peaks but I was done and they still turned out delicious. I found the recipe I used for the chocolate cupcakes on the blog Sally’s Baking Addiction. They were chocolaty and I have yet to have a chocolate cupcake I haven’t liked but these were more dense and chewy than I prefer. It also didn’t help that I had to use a different cocoa powder, I always use Ghirardelli but I could not find it in any of our local stores so I had to use Hershey’s, nothing against Hershey’s, I thoroughly enjoy many of their products.

Frosting is always my favorite part of the cupcakes, there is a bakery here and the whole reason I go there is because their frosting is amazing! Zach is not a frosting fan, so really Zach and I should share cupcakes, I eat the frosting and he eats the cupcake, sounds like a plan right? Well I was going to share the recipe for the cupcakes and the frosting, but since I had my idea to find the perfect cupcake recipes I figured I would just share the frosting recipes because eventually I will share the best cupcake recipes when I try out more recipes, so stay tuned!

Cupcakes 2

Mary’s Best Buttercream Frosting

  • 1 cup butter, softened
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 tablespoons milk
  • 4 cups powdered sugar

Mix all ingredients together until smooth. Add milk or powdered sugar to thin or thicken as desired. You can absolutely add food coloring if you want colored frosting.

(Sorry I was a bad blogger and forgot to take pictures of the finished product!)

Christina’s Creamy Chocolate Frosting

  • 1/2 cup butter, softened
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2/3 cup cocoa powder
  • 6 tablespoons milk
  • 3 cups powdered sugar

In a large mixing bowl, combine butter, cocoa powder, 1 cup sugar, 2 tablespoons milk. Beat until mixed well and no longer lumpy, it will be thick. Add all remaining ingredients and beat until smooth.

(Again, sorry I was a bad blogger and didn’t take any pictures of the finished product.)

Word of Art Cupcake

That’s one of my cupcakes in this photo that was put on the Word of Art facebook page! My cupcakes are famous!

On another note football is back and hockey starts in 16 days! Yay for fall!