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Zach and I

About the Blog

This Blog is intended to document my adventures as a semi-newlywed. I am slowly but surely learning how to cook and clean and other “grown up” things. I am sure I am not the only one out there who left home not knowing a whole lot about how to fend for yourself.

I hope whether you are a pro at these things or learning right along with me you can find something to enjoy in this blog.

About the Blogger

My name is Christina Lamphere and I am a 27 year-old wife, deputy clerk and now blogger. I just celebrated my first anniversary with my husband Zach! We are parents to a crazy kitty named Toews, named after my favorite hockey player.



I have an obsession with koalas if you hadn’t guessed from the name of the blog. It is a habit my husband fully supports, he buys me a new koala stuffed animal every trip we go on. I may be 27 but they still get lots of snuggle time.


We live in a small town in Illinois and I am a huge sports fan! The Blackhawks are my favorite to watch, you should see my Pinterest board dedicated them, it is slightly embarrassing.


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