How I Met Jason Segel

Oh did we have an awesome day today! Awhile back Mary sent me an email about Jason Segel, or as we like to call him Marshall from How I Met Your Mother, saying that she had bought us tickets to a signing for the release of his book, Nightmares, through Anderson’s Bookshop (Click on the link for more info and events). A few years back Mary and I went to and event through Anderson’s for Chelsea Handler, back when her book Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang came out. It was so exciting to meet her, I loved her show Chelsea Lately that recently ended. It’s funny because we are pretty much complete opposites but I just find her so funny.

Anyway, back to Jason Segel, when you buy the tickets you also buy a copy of the book so we had two books to get signed. When Mary told us she had bought us tickets we immediately knew we were going to get one book signed to Zach and I, and one for his parents since they were so generous to buy us tickets to meet Marshall! (I am going to apologize for the quality of the photos now, cell phone cameras are not always the best)

Jason Segel 3

We drove to Downers Grove and easily found the Tivoli Theatre and got in the long line that was already forming to see Jason Segel. Zach and I loved How I Met Your Mother, we even started watching the entire series again from the beginning on Netflix after the show ended in March, we just missed it so much! He was so entertaining, he described himself as a big kid and he totally was. It was nice to see he was excited to be there and he was so genuine. His reactions to the audience and the questions were perfect, he shared so many stories and by the time he was done I felt like I knew him. It is always nice when you meet a celebrity to find out you like them even more after hearing them talk.

Jason Segel 4

Zach asked Jason so sign the book for us with “Beercules” as a reference to How I Met Your Mother. When I got the book signed for Zach’s parents he asked if I was Mary, so then I had to explain that it was a “gift” for my In laws, he said it was always a good idea to get some bonus points with in laws. It was fun to talk to him one on one even if it was just for a minute.

Jason Segel 5

During his talk, Jason said something that really stuck with me, I even pulled my phone out to write it down so I would remember. You’re right where you’re supposed to be at all times. Some moments are clearer than others, but you are always right where you belong. Sometimes that is definitely easier to remember than others but I am going to make an effort to keep that with me everyday.

Now were watching the Bears game hoping for a win, a win is definitely where I belong…hint hint Cutler.

In case you were wondering this is how my kitty spends her time while I am blogging. That is her spot, we are not allowed to sit there, and that is also her blanket…now.